[email protected] Final Words By Daughter, 14, Told Her Dad Died While Waiting For An Ambulance After Suffering From…

A family has recalled daughter’s final moments.

A grieving family has recalled the harrowing final moments of their teenage daughter’s life after she died while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

Bernard and Corine Anseline’s 14-year-old daughter Lydia suffered a se’vere asthma at’tack on April 13 at their home in Pakenham, Victoria.

Mrs Anseline first rang triple zero at 1.07am as her husband began performing CPR.

He contiuned doing CPR, trying to keep as much air in her lungs until paramedics arrived. As time passed Lydia lost conciousness.

‘I grabbed her hand and lifted her head up and I go, “Lydia!” And she opened her eyes and goes, “dad, I love you”,’ he told A Current Affair.Those were her final words. Lydia died after waiting 30 minutes for paramedics to arrive at her home.

Her parents said it is the longest they have ever waited for an ambulance.Ambulances are often called to the property as the Anseline’s three other children also suffer from asthma at’tacks.

‘Seven minutes, that’s the longest we’ve ever had to wait. But on the 13th (of) April, it was a totally different story,’ Mr Anseline said. The first call to triple zero was made at 1.07am, another was then made at 1.25am.

An ambulance eventually got to the property at 1.41am – 34 minutes after the first call – but Lydia had tragically died before the ambulance had arrived.

The family only lives 13km – or a 12 minute drive – from the nearest hospital to their home.They believe Lydia would’ve probably survived if they had rushed her to the hospital instead. Mrs Anseline said if they were aware of the ambulance’s estimated time of arrival they ‘could have saved her, she’d still be here’.

Lydia had experienced another asthma attack just six weeks prior to her tragic death and had been rushed to hospital by her mother.

At that time, Mrs Anseline clai’med the doctors and medical staff advised her to call triple zero to their home next time Lydia had an asthma attack.Her parents are now calling on triple zero call takers to provide accurate estimated arrival times for ambulances.’Just be honest. If the ambulance is going to run late, let the person know. Because if that person has enough time to save a life, it makes a big difference,’ Mr Anseline added.

An Ambulance Victoria spokesperson said they were undertaking a full investigation into the incident to better understand what happened and why.’We extend our deepest condolences to the patient’s family and loved ones in this extremely difficult time,’ the spokesperson said.’We are undertaking a full investigation into this tragic incident to better understand what happened and why.

‘We take very seriously our work providing the very best care we can to every patient, and we’ll continue to work hard to serve the community during this period of increased demand.’

Source- dailymail.co.uk

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