A Walgreens Employee Was Accsd Of K!ll!ng A Teenage Coworker Who Had Rejected His Advances

A Walgreens employee from Colorado.

A Walgreens employee from Colorado was a’r’r’es’ted and charged with the m’u’r’der of his 17-year-old coworker, who had previously rejected his advances and had complained about making her feel uncomfortable.

Joshua Johnson, 28, was detained June 12 by state troopers about 100 miles outside Colorado Springs on June 12, a day after Riley Whitelaw’s bo’d’y was discovered in the b’rea’k room of the Walgreens where they both worked.

On June 11, a Walgreens manager in Colorado Springs found Whitelaw’s bo’d’y in the break room after the high school student nev’er retur’ned from her break.

officers responded to the scene at approximately 6:55 p.m. and discovered Whitelaw l’y’in’g in a substantial amount of bl’o’o’d with trau’ma to her neck area. Officers observed no sig’ns of li’fe, and the staff b’rea’k room had b’lo’od on the flo’or, cabinets, and counter, the affidavit stated.

Justin Zunino, the manager, told that Johnson had been wa’r’n’ed a year ago to keep his conduct professional after Whitelaw co’mpl’aine’d that he had made advances toward her that made her feel unc’om’for’table. Zunino said Johnson appeared to be receptive to the war’ni’ng, according to the affidavit.

However, several weeks ago, Whitelaw had asked for a change in her work shifts to av’o’id Johnson. Zunino told i’nve’st’iga’to’rs that the teenager later requested additional hours and was made aware that the overtime would mean she and Johnson would cross paths.

Johnson’s interest in Whitelaw didn’t seem to be deterred when her boyfriend joined the staff at Walgreens three months ago. Crystal Ishmael, another manager at the store, told  that Johnson began “acting jealous” instead.

Ishmael told police that during the search for Whitelaw, she had checked outside by a du”mpst’er area where she smel’led a “strong’ od’or of bl’each’” and attempted to gain entry, but walked away after hearing a male voice say he was changing.


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