Georgia Teen Gets Accepted Into 50 Colleges, Receives More Than $1 Million In Scholarship Offer

about 50 universities and got more than $1 million.

A Georgia high schooler got acknowledged into just about 50 universities and got more than $1 million in grant offers, WSB-TV Atlanta reports.

Makenzie Thompson is a senior at Westlake High School in Atlanta, Georgia. There she is a distinctions understudy who is associated with various extracurricular exercises.

filling in as Senior Class President, co-commander of the dance group, and taking time outside of school to chip in locally and take care of business-based learning at a neighborhood veterinarian center.

As of late, Makenzie accumulated a considerable amount of exhibit when her school acknowledgment letters started coming in. Altogether, she’s been acknowledged to almost 50 schools and got $1.3 million in grant offers.

“We have Delaware State with $64,000, Xavier with $100,000… Tuskegee with full educational cost and books. We likewise have Wingate with $128,000… So up here I have 48.

I have 49 acknowledgments however we ran out of room,” Makenzie shouted to correspondents as she highlighted a rundown of schools she’s been acknowledged to and grant offers on the divider at Westlake.

Her folks say they are pleased and very energized yet not amazed in light of the fact that their little girl has generally been engaged and objective arranged.

“She knew what she needed. What’s more, she knew what it planned to take to arrive, her dad, Stephen Thompson said.

“We were overjoyed. I said good gracious. 1.3 million and they’re giving you this just in view of paper,” her mom Jennifer Thompson added.

“When I hit 1,000,000, I resembled that is somewhat insane. Like individuals don’t make 1,000,000 in the course of their life… I am very glad for myself. It’s been bound to happen. A ton of long evenings,” she said.

Head Jarvis Adams said Makenzie is incredibly determined and “all that she does is for greatness and scholastics.” While the high schooler has been acknowledged to various tip top organizations, she anticipates going to Tuskegee University to concentrate on creature science. Her definitive objective is to turn into a veterinarian, something her local area says she’ll have no issue accomplishing.


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