Actress Vivica A. Fox Told To ‘Move On’ From 50 Cent: “He Doesn’t Want You”

Actress Vivica A. Fox Told To ‘Move On’ From 50 Cent: “He Doesn’t Want You”

It is starting to feel like being rapper 50 Cent’s ex is Vivica A. Fox full-time job. The actress is more than a decade removed from their love affair, but appears to still be very smitten by the “Many Men” hitmaker. So much so that she went on the defensive earlier today when TV host Nick Cannon criticized 50 Cent for his weight gain in recent years.

While many thought Nick Cannon should focus on his many kids and girlfriends, now they are letting actress Vivica A. Fox have it too. Many think it is high time the actress finally moved on. Vivica A. Fox stopped by the Sherri Shephard talk show recently, where she was questioned about her ex, rapper 50 Cent.

Vivica A. Fox has just come off discussing her very attractive and unavailable male co-stars from over the years, so the discussion was flirty. The actress claimed that if Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck could spin the block, why not her and rapper 50 Cent?

Nick Cannon, aka the king of spinning the block, thought Fox needed to let 50 Cent go, especially since he is not in the shape he used to be. Vivica A. Fox clapped back, calling TV host “community d***” and saying she’d return to rapper 50 Cent before ever letting Nick Cannon in her bedroom.

Now the troll king himself has weighed in. 50 Cent shared a picture saying, “It’s never luck. It’s always God.” He captioned it, “If your marketing campaign is say something bout 50 Cent , your not going to make it. Have a nice day.”

Some people came to the actress defense and reminded everyone that the initial comment was a response to a question.

“Maybe some of y’all need to watch the Sherri Shepherd show when Ms Vivica was ASKED about 50 cent. Her & that man could have a platonic friendship,” one fan said.

Others think Vivica A. Fox is still out of line since the rapper has a very public girlfriend at the moment.