After Reduction In Child Support Payment- Know JESSE’S NET WORTH & EYE-WATERING GREY’S ANATOMY SALARY

Jesse williams net worth and salary.

Actor Jesse Williams has reportedly had his child support payment reduced after leaving Grey’s Anatomy.

The 40-year-old played Dr. Jackson Avery from Season 6 to Season 17 of the  ABC medical drama series.

According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE Jesse’s child support payments have been “temporarily modified” from $40,000 to $6,413 per month.

Jesse shares eight-year-old daughter Sadie and six-year-old son Maceo with his ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee. The pair divorced in April 2017 after five years of marriage.

Now, fans are intrigued about the actor’s earnings. What is his net worth in 2022?


According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jesse Williams has a net worth of $12 million.

Most of this wealth has been obtained through his role as Dr. Jackson Avery on Grey’s Anatomy.

His other notable roles acting include The Cabin in the Woods, The Butler and Band Aid.


In child support court documents obtained by Hollywood Life, the actor revealed his impressive Grey’s Anatomy Salary, $6.25 million per year!

“I am requesting the Court reduce the child support to a reasonable amount I can afford given the significant reduction in my income and the now fluctuating nature of my income,” Jesse said.

“The child support of of $40,000 per month which commenced October 1, 2019, was based almost entirely on my ‘Grey’s’ episodic fees which was my then primary source of income,” he continued.

Jesse then claimed that he used to earn $6.2 million plus $183,000 in residuals but now makes $1,668 per week working on Broadway’s Take Me Out.


Boris in Chicago, Illinois, Jesse studied African American Studies and Film and Media Arts at Temple University and went on to teach in high schools before becoming an actor.In 2005, he began studying acting and was chosen to take part in a New York Actors Showcase on ABC, which boosted his acting prospects.

He had a few minor roles, in an episode of Law & Order and Greek, but his big break came when he was selected to play Jackson Avery on Grey’s Anatomy in 2010.Jesse continued playing the role for over a decade before exiting the show in 2021.

The actor has had a number of other film roles and recently made his acting debut in the Broadway show Take Me Out.

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