@mber [email protected] Joins Jada Pinkett Smith As @bu$ive Women In Hollywood

amber heard and jada pinkett joins this list.

Historically, women have suffered @gainst men in every industry but Hollywood is another prime example of how men tend to @bu$e their power.

Both Jada Pinkett Smith and Amber Heard are not doing women any favors by behaving the way they have with their respective partners.

In the midst of the Me Too movement, these women abused the power created by it in Hollywood and they are sadly turning attention @gainst themselves in a de$tructive manner for feminism. All the work done by the many incredible @ctivi$ts who have fought for gender equality is getting a major stain that took Heard and Jada only a month to create.

We are not saying Johnny Depp and Will Smith are innocent or incapable women, all we are saying is that they are $uffering different type of @bu$e from Amber and Jada.

Will Smith’s case is different than Johnny’s.

Both cases are @bu$e from their respective wives or former wives but they are both considered @bu$e. While Jada is passive ag’gre’ssive on her approach through a more psychological @bu$e, Amber went straight to [email protected] @$s$ult @gainst Johnny Depp.

Heard met Johnny during the casting for 2011’s ‘Rum Diaries’, where she shot up to stardom almost instantly. Since then, evidence from the recent trial between the two proves she was obsessed with the actor and became a grade A stalker.

When she didn’t get her way, outbursts were too great to ognore from Johnny as things escalated to the point where he needed a restraining order against her.

Depp also responded with Wi0len$e, which is also deeply wrong but Heard isthe one who started it, as the evidence in the trial proves.

In Jada Pinkett Smith’s case, we have a woman who decided to marry out of pressure from her family but did so reluctantly. Since then, it seems she had different ideas about what marriage is supposed to be and never agreed with Will Smith on that.

Instead of getting a divorce, she’s chosen to keep @[email protected] her husband with [email protected] comments or by [email protected] on him.

If you thought Hollywood only had men who @buse their power, think again because Jada and Amber are just the tip of the iceberg. The problem is that women have historically suffered far more than men from @bu$e but that doesn’t mean all women are innocent. Both genders have terrible people who constantly abuse their power in Hollywood.


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