Viral: Anita Baker Shouted Out Lil Wayne During Her Concert To Give Him His…

Anita baker and lil wayne during a concert.

Anita Baker put on a show for her fans as part of her Las Vegas residency at The Venetian Resort.

The soulful songstress brought out her fans to catch her alluring performance, and among the crowd was one of her biggest fans — Lil Wayne. In true classy fashion, Baker took the time to call him out.

The moment was caught on video and went viral on Twitter. Before starting her 1988 hit “Giving You the Best That I Got,” Baker took a minute to shout out Lil Wayne.

“Thank you for all your support,” she said to the rapper in between humming the song’s introduction.

She also told Wayne that she appreciates him “so much.”

The New Orleans-born rapper is a fan of the singer, mentioning her in several of his songs.

Viewers on social media loved the interaction, and many praised Baker for taking the time to shout out the rapper.

“She is a class act,” one viewer wrote.

“That’s that artist exchange we love to see,” another added.

Twitter users also noted how special the moment was for Wayne. Many quoted his lyrics which mention the eight-time Grammy Award winner.

“Seat way back, listening to Anita Baker Riding by myself, smoking weed by the acre, Hollygrove gator, ain’t nobody greater,” one user said.

“‘Diesel on the beeaaatt…. Shut up bchhh… let Anita speaaaaaak’ Lil Wayne – Best Thing Yet,” another mentioned.

Viewers also couldn’t stop talking about three standout audience members.

One of the concertgoers jumped to their feet once they learned Lil Wayne was just a few rows ahead of them. Mouth agape, they rushed for their phone to record the moment.

“Me if I ever saw Lil Wayne just rows up in front of me & I didn’t notice lmaoooo but there’s no way I wouldn’t bc I literally LOVE him,” one user wrote.

“This na fangirling,” another viewer pointed out.

And Twitter couldn’t get over a white couple at the show. The woman appeared to have no idea who the rapper was, and her partner had to clue her in.

“Am I the only person who notice the white woman say ‘who is he?’ and her husband saying to her ‘lil Wayne he’s a rapper,’” a Twitter user pointed out.

“Respect to this guy for telling his wife ‘Thts Lil Wayne,’” another wrote.

Baker has two more performances at The Venetian before her July 22 homecoming performance at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, the Detroit Free Press reports.

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