Barry White’s Son, Darryl White, Is A Singer Too – But Does He Measure Up To His Dad? After Battle With Step-mom

Barry white son darryl white singer.

The late, great Barry White a.k.a. “The Maestro” has left a surprise for many of us, because most of us have never seen, nor heard of his sons.

The music legend has two: Barry Jr., and Darryl White. He also has three daughters: Nina, Shaheerah, and Melva, but we’ll swing back to them at a later time.

The Bar Is High

Right now, we’re talking about Barry White’s son, Darryl White.

He once embarked on a singing career, while we’e not sure if he’s still in the music game, his music video from a few years ago still caught the attention of many. We won’t spend time trying to describe what you’re about to see, because a video can speak louder than words.

Side note: We’ve gotta give credit where it’s due though, because Darryl’s in the shadow of a great soulful artist like Barry White, and the bar is HIGH! So, kudos to Darryl White for exploring his possible gift of song!

Battle With His Ex-Stepmother

Back in 2017, there was some serious legal drama that went down between Darryl and his stepmoms, Glodean White.

Glodean was married to Barry White for 29 years (1974-2003) and she was one his Love Unlimited backup singers. She’s his second-wife and the former step-mother of Darryl.

It’s just been reported that Darryl has filed a [email protected]$uit @gain$t Glodean, because he says that he is almost homeless as a result of her having cut him off financially ever since 2015.

Via TMZ: Barry White’s son is almost broke and nearly homeless … and he claims it’s all because he’s getting the raw end of the deal from his father’s trust. Darryl says Glodean never let him see the will after Barry di-ed in 2003, instead it was more like … trust me.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, he says he agreed and got payments up until September 2015. Darryl, who’s a singer himself, believes Glodean is using up his father’s dough to support her lavish lifestyle. He was suing to finally get a look at the will, and a proper accounting of what he’s due.

Hopefully their [email protected] [email protected] was resolved amicably in the end.

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