Black Women Dis’crim’ination’ – Mo’Nique settles lawsuit with Netflix Got $$$ In…

Monique settles with netflix.

Mo’Nique has reached a settlement with Netflix, years after she sued the movie streaming behemoth for r’ci’al and gender dis’cri’min’ati’on.

“Despite Mo’Nique’s extensive résumé and documented history of comedic success, when Netflix presented her with an offer of employment for an exclusive stand-up comedy special, Netflix made a lowball offer that was only a fraction of what Netflix paid other (non-B’la’ck female) comedians,” she clai’med in her la’ws’uit, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Netflix reportedly offered or paid Rock, [Dave] Chappelle, [Ellen] Degeneres, and [Ricky] Gervais forty (40) times more per show than it offered Mo’Nique, and it offered Schumer twenty-six (26) times more per show than Mo’Nique. In short, Netflix’s offer to Mo’Nique perpetuates the drastic wage gap forced upon Bl’ack w’omen in America’s wo’rkforce.”

In 2019, the comedian filed the lawsuit all’e’ging ra’cia’l and ‘ge’der dis’cr’im’ina’tion and ret

aliati’on after Netflix’s relatively paltry offer of $500,000 for a one-hour special in 2017.

She and her husband-manager Sidney Hicks were insulted and incensed that Netflix lowb’alled Mo’Nique in comparison to her contemporaries, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock and Amy Schumer, all of whom were offered at least $10 million or more for similar types of specials.

The details of the settlement were not disclosed to the media.

Mo’Nique and Hicks said Netflix could not justify nor outline the reasons behind the vast disparity between their offer to her versus the one made to Schumer.

“What makes Mo’Nique, who has been labeled a living legend based on her awards from around the world, worth $12,500,000 less than Amy Schumer to [Netflix]?”

Netflix countered the lawsuit by telling the media that the offer was in no way meant to be d’iscri’minat’ory.

“We care deeply about inclusion, equity and diversity and take any accusations of d’isc’ri’min’ation very seriously,” said a Netflix spokesperson in a statement at the time. “We believe our opening offer to Mo’Nique was fair — which is why we will be fighting this la’ws’uit,” the company said at the time.

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