Bobby Brown’s Condition Went Down A Dark Path After Losing Whitney And His Two Kids

Bobby brown condition after losing his family.

Bobby Brown has revealed that after the tragic loss of his ex-wife Whitney Houston and his daughter Bobbi Kristina, he turned to alcohol to cope with his grief.

The singer says his @lcohol @buse got so bad that he nearly died, suffering two heart [email protected] While Bobby says he managed to recover—the [email protected] of his eldest son “Little Bobby” sent him back into a spiral.

Bobbi Kristina’s Loss Shook Bobby Brown To His Core

Bobby says he turned to alcohol after making the difficult decision to end life support for his daughter Bobbi Kristina, who was found unconscious in a bathtub and wound up in a coma for six months.

During an emotional interview set to air on A&E on Wednesday, the My Prerogative singer admitted that the [email protected] of his 22-year-old daughter “hurt me to my core.”

“Children are not supposed to go before their parents and I lost my baby girl. I started drinking a lot,” he admitted. “My drinking had gotten to a point where my bodily functions were starting to quit on my body.

The Every Little Step artist says his drinking ended up almost costing him his life, admitting, “I had two heart [email protected] I had two stents in my heart.”

Bobby managed to get sober, only for tragedy to strike again. The singer found his son Bobby Brown, Jr. —with whom he shared with his ex-flame Kim Ward—dead from an overdose at his apartment.

Bobby Brown Decided To Choose A Different Path

Bobby said after the agonizing experience he once again used alcohol to cope, eventually deciding that the time had come to “get himself together.”

The Grammy Award winner credits his friends and family for helping him to remain strong and “change the narrative” of how his life should turn out.

“Family has always been a major part of my life. That is the only way I get by. Family are my biggest support system. I feel all loved. It keeps me afloat,” the Get Away singer said. “I am a survivor and my angels are looking over me, carried me a long way and I’m thankful.”

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