Cardi B’s Big Announcement Over Leaving Music Industry That Made Her Filthy Rich

Cardi b announces her career.

Cardi B kicked off her career in the music industry only a handful of years ago, and she became one of its biggest sensations.

The WAP rapper had a meltdown on the internet last month and now she’s explaining her reasons. She might leave the internet, but she will never depart from the music industry that made her filthy rich.

Last month, the rap star had a back and forth with social media after she didn’t show up the 2022 Grammy Awards despite being nominated. Fans dragged her children into the conversation, causing Cardi B to delete her Twitter.

Cardi B discussed her antics during a recent chat with TMZ. She said she was talking about leaving the internet and not leaving the music industry. She further stated that music is her bread and butter.

“I will never leave music, no, I was talking about (leaving) the internet. I would never leave music, that’s my bread and butter. Who gonna stop eating bread and butter?”

Cardi B’s fight with trolls on social media is nothing new.

The rap star had instances of losing her temper on the internet. Odds are Cardi will continue losing her cool online when the mood strikes, but her fans love her for it. Some stick around exclusively for those meltdowns. Stay tuned to Thirsty to get the latest updates regarding Cardi B.


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