Simone Smith, LL Cool J’s Wife, Celebrates Life After Beating ‘RARE’ Cancer, Says- “I Was Absolutely Devastated But…”

Celebrates Life and being Cancer Free.

Rapper and actor LL Cool J has been in the entertainment business since 1984.

With a string of hits, awards, movies, TV shows and more under his belt.

Many people can recite some of his lyrics and lines, awards and maybe even his favorite workout or foods, but most don’t know much about his wife, Simone Smith.

With the launch of her jewelry line called SIS (Simone I. Smith) Jewelry, this mother of four is an entrepreneur and a cancer survivor.

Now the couple has joined forces on a new campaign with the American Cancer Society. The message is near and dear to them—”Beat Cancer Like a Boss.”

In the 30-second public service announcement, LL Cool J addresses the disease head on.

“How did my wife Simone beat cancer? Like a boss,” he says at beginning of the video.

In 2004, Simone was diagnosed with a rare type of bone cancer called chondrosarcoma.

After her stage III diagnosis, the family, especially Mr. “Cool J” himself, stopped everything in order to be with her and to assist her on the road to recovery.

In her own words, Simone says, “I was absolutely devastated. I probably cried for about 10 days on and off because I didn’t believe this was happening to me.”

“I have a piece of jewelry, that when it’s purchased, proceeds go towards the American Cancer Society. The reason why I did that is because back in 2004, I had a very invasive surgery done because they found a chondrosarcoma tumor in my tibia bone.

The Christian Post reports that Smith overcame her cancer with a lot of prayer. Smith explained, “I fought through it, so I was a little depressed for like about…two weeks…but my grandmother called me up and told me.So I prayed to God and since then my test results have been great. I praise God every day.” As of 2013, Smith said she has been cancer-free.


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