HAHA AGAIN ! Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle Finally Crack Well-Crafted Jokes About Will Smith

Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle viral story.


During Dave Chappelle’s Hollywood Bowl performance for the ‘Netflix is a Joke’ festival, Chris Rock made a short joke about Will Smith’s slap right after Dave got at’tacked on stage.

We have all been waiting for both of them to talk about the moment that made the earth stand still during the 2022 Oscars.

Alongside Eddie Murphy, these two are considered the two greatest comedians in history who are still alive. But writing a joke about this specific event is being approached differently by both legends.

On one hand, Chris Rock is keeping his cards close to the vest as he first wants to get paid by Netflix in order to talk about everything that he experienced during that night. Chris Rock recently performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London, he had a set prepared for his ‘Ego Death Tour’ that was polished before the Oscars.

It is obvious he isn’t going to tell too many good jokes about what happened to him before getting paid. However, he can still get a few punch lines in before talking to Netflix about this special. Trust us, he will make the big bucks when he sits down to negotiate about this despite the jokes writing themselves.

Earlier this week, Chris Rock told the first well-crafted joke about the incident in London. This is what he said after also joking about Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s trial: “I’m okay, if anybody was wondering.

Got most of my hearing back. Don’t expect me to talk about the bulls—. I’ll talk about it at some point … on Netflix. Your tickets were expensive, but not that expensive.”

Chappelle tries to understand Will Smith.

Dave Chappelle is already getting paid by Netflix, so he can already write jokes about the incident. This is what he said: “Will slapped Chris at the Oscars. That wasn’t even the gagnster part. The gangster shit was that he just sat down and enjoyed the rest of the show.

WOW! That was a tough one and I’ve seen a lot of wild shit in my life. Chris is my man but he don’t have no eaasy delivery (of the G.I.Jane joke), he was like ‘can’t wait to see it’. Will was laughing at first but that was a tough one. Everyone asked me what I think. I don’t know what I think. They asked me who do I think was right, I don’t know who’s right.

“They kept saying he wouldn’t have slapped Dave Chappelle like that, I say shut the fk up, you’re gonna get me slapped! This guy looks like he would slapp anybody. What the fk was that, movie star slapping! That slap was wild! But you keep saying who’s right and who’s wrong, who the fk knows! I can’t judge Chris Rock or Will Smith because I see myself in both of them. I am a lunatic, I am the man that’s had enough and will slapp the shit out of the next mother fker that says something that upsets me.”


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