Chris Rock Again Openly Jokes ‘This’ About Will Smith- After Dave Chappelle Attacked At Hollywood Bowl

Chris rock openly jokes about will smith again.


As previously reported by REVOLT, last night (May 3), Dave Chappelle was at’ta’cked on stage in front of a live crowd at the Hollywood Bowl.

But what may have stolen the show was Chris Rock being present for a punchline about the incident.

With flawless comedic timing, Rock appeared asking, “Was that Will Smith?” after Chappelle was assaulted on stage.

No motive has been given on why Chappelle’s attack took place. In recent months, Chappelle has faced backlash for comments about the LGBTQ community — with some Netflix employees even staging a walkout as the streaming giant continued to air his jokes.

Chappelle seemed unphased by both situations and mentioned to his audience that his at’tack’er may have been a “trans man.”

Rock, if anybody, understands the heat that can come from unwanted jokes.

After being struck at the Oscars, a stunned Rock did not engage in further physical activity. In fact, Smith casually walked back to his seat.

In Chappelle’s situation, his attacker left the Hollywood Bowl on a stretcher with one arm appearing to be completely warped and disfigured.

Fans online were quick to make the distinction.

“Dave Chappelle ain’t Chris Rock man will literally tear you apart,” one Twitter user said.

It’s unclear whether or not Chappelle is the one who caused the damage to his at’t’acker, as there’s video showing a group of people pummeling the guy backstage. Jamie Foxx and Busta Rhymes are said to have joined in on the beat down as well.

The man was taken into pol’ice cu’sto’dy after being brought to an am’bulance, accor’ding to LAPD.

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