Married Couple Of 45 Years Has Heartfelt Conversation And Puts Us In Our Feels

 Couple Of 45 Years Has Heartfelt Conversation.

The Skin Deep is a program that spotlights two people from various types of relationships having insightful and vulnerable personal conversations.

In a recent episode, Marie and Stanley, who have been married for 45 years, talk about their longstanding relationship.

The 10-minute video opens up with Marie asking Stanley, “If you could relive one moment from our relationship forever, what would it be and why?”

Stanley smoothly responds by turning up the old-school mack, leaving his wife speechless.

“One moment, that would have to be when I first saw you, and the reason why is that was a picture that made Mona Lisa jealous,” he says.

He goes on with his adoration for his spouse, saying, “You know, I went head over heels in love with you right at that moment. I knew you were the one for me.”

However, as their conversation unfolds, viewers witness that their relationship has not been a bed of roses when Marie inquires of her husband, “What are you hesitant to tell me?”

“Sometimes, not all the time, sometimes I’m hesitant to tell you how I feel about you,” Stanley says, adding that during his rough past, being vulnerable did not always lead to the ending he desired.

Marie knowingly nods at this statement. The couple continues their conversation and discusses how they handle the power dynamic in their relationship.

“I wouldn’t use the word power in the relationship. I wouldn’t say power. I would say the understanding of doing things and getting things done,” Marie says.

Like two old best friends, they burst out laughing when Marie says, “I am the brain, and you are the what? You’re a steel laborer.”

“So it’s not power. We equally have the same responsibility, but we do it a different way. When it comes out, the goal is met,” Marie adds.

Stanley explains that since day one, he recognized that Marie was stronger at some things than he was and vice versa. Their ability to work together, beyond gender roles, is a testament to why their relationship has survived the test of time.One of the most endearing moments of the episode is when their discussion turns into a slight squabble, with Marie demanding that Stanley clean out the garage and stop being a hoarder.

But he puts a pin in the disagreement by saying, “I still love you.”Marie poses the last question and asks, “If this was our last conversation, what is it you want to tell me that you don’t want me to forget?”“It is that, Marie, I’ve been honored to be your husband, and I truly, truly, love you,” he says.

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