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D.L. Hughley’s Son Suffers From This Disorder And Fans Didn’t Even Know

D.L. Hughley’s Son Suffers From This Disorder And Fans Didn’t Even Know
D.L. Hughley breaks down when sharing story abouts son with Asperger's Syndrome.

Its not autism but its a rare disease.

Once a star has been in the spotlight, it is very easy for audiences to feel like they have an ongoing relationship with that person. In reality, however, no matter how much a fan loves a specific star’s work, they never get to know that person overly well. After all, most stars are the product of a carefully orchestrated promotional campaign.

Even though famous people tend to be extremely careful about the image they show the world early in their careers, a lot of them become more forthright over time. For example, when Kim Kardashian was first rising to fame, she did everything in her power to give fans a certain image of herself. However, in recent years fans have become accustomed to Kardashian posting about her Psoriasis on social media.

Throughout D.L. Hughley’s comedy career, he has been very open with his fans. Of course, the likely reason for that is that one of the key things that comedians tend to do is craft jokes about the things that go on in their lives. Even though Hughley is such an open book, a lot of his fans have no idea that the jokester’s son has dealt with a disorder throughout his life.

Hughley’s Son

Even though a lot of people think of celebrities as being somehow different than the rest of us, the truth of the matter is that they have to deal with a lot of the same concerns. On top of that, being rich and famous is awesome in a lot of ways but it also can result in some problems that average people will never have to deal with. For example, it is well documented that a lot of kids have been crushed by their family’s fame. On the bright side, there also is no doubt that some stars have great kids they adore.

Kyle’s Disorder

When Kyle Hughley was a child, doctors diagnosed him with Asperger’s syndrome. At times, D.L. Hughley has seriously discussed how that disorder has affected Kyle’s life. For example, in 2015 D.L. spoke with pride about Kyle graduating from college during an Oprah: Where Are They Now segment. After talking about his son’s education, D.L. briefly spoke about Kyle’s day-to-day life and then he got emotional as he told a touching story.



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