DC Young Fly Delivers Powerful Prayer During Jacky Oh’s (Dead)Birthday Celebration (Video)

DC Young Fly Delivers Powerful Prayer During Jacky Oh’s (Dead)Birthday Celebration (Video)

This week, a heartfelt gathering took place to commemorate what would have been Jacky Oh’s 33rd birthday, the first since her untimely passing earlier this year. DC Young Fly, family, and close friends came together to honor her memory.


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The pre-birthday celebration was adorned with pink, white, and gold decorations, with pink being a cherished color of the late mother and TV personality. The venue was adorned with balloons, signage, and a beautiful pink and gold cake featuring large “34” candles.

DC Young Fly led a touching prayer while standing over the birthday cake, reflecting on Jacky Oh, their children, and the challenge of moving forward after her passing. The room resonated with his heartfelt words, particularly when he invoked Jacky Oh’s safety in God’s embrace.

During the prayer, the comedian candidly shared that some days weigh heavily on him, and he implored God for strength and guidance during those moments.

As part of the birthday celebration, a pop-up shop showcased cosmetic products from Jacky Oh’s JNova brand, with all proceeds earmarked for Jacky’s children.

DC Young Fly and Jacky Oh are parents to three children, Nova, Nala, and Prince’Nehemiah, all under 10 years of age. The couple met in 2015 during Jacky Oh’s time on MTV’s “Wild ‘N Out.”

Jacky Oh’s passing occurred on May 31, and in June, DC Young Fly expressed his ongoing grief, noting that he cried “all the time” but was determined to radiate positivity.

Approximately two months after her passing, DC Young Fly celebrated the birthdays of Nala and Prince, posting a poignant message that wished Jacky Oh could have been there to share in the joy.

Despite initial speculations regarding the cause of her death, a medical examiner recently ruled it as “accidental.”

Reports indicated that Jacky Oh had complained of a burning sensation in her head before losing consciousness on the night of her passing. The autopsy revealed swelling in her brain and excessive bleeding of the skin around her torso. Dr. Zachary Okhah, her plastic surgeon, will not face criminal charges in relation to her tragic passing.