Disabled Vet Only Buying Water Until Woman Says ‘Let’s Go Get You Everything You Need’ – Video

The holidays are a great time to spend with close friends and family members, as everyone gathers together to show their gratitude for all of the amazing moments they’ve been able to share with one another over the years.

However, prepping for the holidays can be challenging for some, as finances get tighter and tighter as the year comes to an end.

Fortunately, the FOX5 Surprise Squad from FOX5 News Las Vegas use their platform for the betterment of others. The team typically makes their way to local grocery stores and helps out a wide array of customers, buying their groceries for them.

The squad commonly finds veterans during these surprise visits, and they often honor them for their service by paying for whatever food or other necessities they need from the store.

In November 2015, Cassandra Jones led the way as she and the rest of the Surprise Squad team traveled to a local grocery chain in Boulder City, Nevada, to pay for customers’ grocery items.

It was close to Thanksgiving, and many people were purchasing big bulks of food to feed themselves and their families as they celebrated the holiday together. This is when Stone would swoop in to pay the bill for them.

Stone met one individual who was a veteran with a disability. He only had water in his cart. Confused, Stone immediately stopped him when he went to pay, telling him that she would pay for whatever food he needed. Read on to find out more about this heartwarming story.

While helping customers pay for their groceries, Stone and the FOX5 Surprise Squad met Victor Moss, a veteran who had been disabled during the war. The only item he had in his cart was a case of water. Stone offered to pay for the water and much more. At first, Moss declined, but he eventually gave into the woman’s kind offer.

Stone told Moss, “Let’s grab this cart and let’s go get you everything you need,” and the pair made their way around the grocery store picking up all the supplies the veteran needed for his Thanksgiving with his fiancée. As they walked up and down the aisles, Moss slowly became overwhelmed by his emotions and began to break down.

The veteran talked about how both he and his fiancée had disabilities, and that the holiday season could be extremely hard for them. “You make it sometimes and sometimes you don’t, so I’m just trying, that’s all,” Moss said.

Moss took a moment to fully feel his emotions, but once he did, he leaned on Stone a bit as he cried. It was clear that her act of kindness was rare for him and truly meant a lot. Moss said:

“That’s what hit you most when someone give to you and you don’t expect it and you all walks up and do this for me, it’s great ma’am. It’s so wonderful and I thank you.”

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of the Surprise Squad, the veteran was able to leave the grocery store with everything he needed for an amazing Thanksgiving feast, allowing him to have an even more incredible holiday with his partner.

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