FINALLY: PREGNANT RIHANNA REPLIED TO HER ‘Diamond on Her Ring Finger’- Paparazzi Inquired AND SHE SAID…

Rihanna reply to paparazzi.

Moment of truth! If you’ve had your eye on the massive diamond Rihanna keeps wearing on her ring finger, then we have some good news.

The 34-year-old Fenty Beauty founder finally addressed the bling that many fans believe to be an engagement ring from ASAP Rocky.

When a paparazzi inquired if the bauble symbolized an engagement, the “Pon de Replay” singer responded: “What, this old thing? You act like you ain’t never seen this ring.”

Regardless of the story behind the stone, it’s safe to say that the jewel is seriously stunning.

The rock is a Sloan Solitaire Ring from Briony Raymond — something that she’s worn on a handful of occasions.

While the price for the stunner remains under wraps, jewelry designer Mark Broumand told Us that the ring appears to be between seven to nine carats.

The old European round diamond is set in a solitaire setting. “We estimate this ring to be in the $500,000 to $700,000 price range,” he added.

The stunning sparkler hasn’t been the only jaw-dropping jewel RiRi has worn in recent weeks.

Over-the-top headpieces and pendant necklaces have been a major part of her groundbreaking maternity fashion.

For her pregnancy announcement photos for instance, she wore a massive brooch from LACROIX around her neck that has a resale value of $5,500.

She’s also stepped out in a handful of other jewels from Riony Raymond, with some having price points as high as $18,000.

The emphasis on accessories is only part of what makes the singer’s looks lately so buzz-worthy. From sheer dresses and crop tops to pants less ensembles, the star has completely shaken up the style scene.

“It’s been me personally saying, I’m not going to buy maternity clothes. I’m not gonna buy maternity pants, jeans, dresses or do whatever society told me to do before,” Rihanna told Bustle.

She went on to describe her current style as “rebellious.” She explained: “When I saw women dress during their pregnancy, I’d think that was the only way.

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