Former NBA Star Webber reveals he’s finally a father to twins after 7 years Of Struggle

Chris Webber reveals he’s finally a father to twins after ‘7 years of trying’ and ‘more than a few heartbr’eaks.

Chris Webber, a five-time NBA All-Star, married the lady of his dreams, Erika, in 2009, and the two were overjoyed at the prospect of starting a family together.

Doctors warned the unhappy couple that after years of trying to conceive, they would never be able to bear kids of their own.

That’s disappointing news for any pair to learn, but the Webbers kept praying and hoping that one day they’d be able to start their own family.

The pair has now suddenly disclosed that their wishes have been fulfilled! Chris and Erika each published photos of their two miracles a boy and a girl on their Instagram accounts last week.

“We were bestowed with these tiny ones after several years of struggling and more than a few disappointments.” “Thank you at mrserikawebber #godsgrace#worththewait,” Chris captioned a photo of himself holding a twin in each hand.

Erika posted a wonderful snapshot of her entire family spending quality time together. “Grateful… “We were doubly blessed after waiting seven years for our family to grow,” she added.

“Never doubt the capacity of prayer, even if ‘they’ say it can’t be done… It was all in his time. Thank you to all of our family, friends, and even strangers who supported us during our journey.”

Chris recently spoke with Esquire on how the pair’s lives have transformed for the good following the birth of their children. He remarked, “It’s taken the edge off.” “It’s just something my wife and I have prayed for and worked toward for years.”

It’s incredible to watch something you created grow and flourish,” he continued. “I’m speechless. I’m simply content. The notion that anything like this happened makes me laugh and weep most days.”

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