Formerly Conjoined Twin Girls Turn One And Starts Walking !

Awww! These baby girls recently celebrated two major milestones.

Twin sisters #JamieLynn and #AmieLynn were born conjoined at the chest and stomach.

At 16-weeks-old, the twins successfully underwent separation surgery. They spent almost six months in the hospital recovering.


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In October the twins celebrated more majors milestones. They turned one and also took their first steps. Their dad joyfully said, “They don’t sit still anymore—they wake up at 6 in the morning and they are ready.”

Their mom speaks about how astonished she is with their growth saying, “I just think it’s so crazy because they had just got home not too long ago and now they’re just thriving.”

The family advises other families going through adversities to stay in a positive head space, keep praying, and to remember that “the energy you give, you’re going to get back.”