Decades Later “Friday’s” ‘Ms. Parker’ Reunited With ‘Felicia’ And Both Of ‘Em Still Got It

“Friday’s” ‘Ms. Parker’ Reunited With ‘Felicia’.

Who could ever forget the many classic lines and characters from the “Friday” movie franchise?

There were countless memorable characters and two of them that will forever be a stand-out, are ‘crackhead Felicia’ and the ‘xy neighbor, Ms. Parker.’ Actresses Kathleen Bradley and Angela Means played the hell outta their supporting roles in that movie, didn’t they?

Then there was the hilarious “Felicia,” who was always asking folks to loan her stuff  and even tried to convince “Smokey” to let her “borrow” his car. That’s when she forever became the face of the classic one-liner we all know today as, “Bye Felicia.”

This year (2021) marks the 26th anniversary of “Friday’s” release -yes, it’s been THAT long- and in recent years, “Felicia” and “Ms. Parker” have reunited, damn near looking the same as they did in 1995! The only difference is that in real life, Kathleen and Angela are far from their comical “Friday roles”…and we’re loving it.

“Ms. Parker” & “Felicia”

Angela Means once shared a photo of herself and Kathleen that gave us “Friday” ’90s nostalgia all over again. As we previously reported, Angela is now the proud owner of her Los Angeles, Ca. vegan cafe. She revealed that the photo was from the time Kathleen passed through her cafe and that her customers also had “Friday” flashbacks when they all yelled out, “Hey Ms. Parker”…

Angela Means: Kathleen called with love and encouragement the other day. I let everyone in the Cafe say hello by holding up the phone. It was sooooo funny when about 25 people simultaneously said “Heyyyy Mrs Parker”. @kathleenbradley_mrsparker is everything #love #icon #entertainmenthistory

Now here’s the kicker, can y’all believe Kathleen “Ms. Parker” Bradley was 67 years young at the time of the above photo with Angela Means?!! Wow! Below is a photo of her now at 70 years old, and she still looks the same…

Not sure of Angela “Felisha” Means’ age, but what we do know is that she’s 25 years older than she was in “Friday,” but her appearance does not reflect that fact. Lookin’ good ladies…

What Kathleen Bradley Does Now & How She Feels About A “Friday” Sequel

So what has Kathleen been up to lately you ask? Quite a few things. She has a tell-all book out now and a few years ago, she was not shy about voicing her dislike regarding being left out of the talks of a “Friday” sequel. After rumors surfaced, in 2013, that there may be another “Friday” movie in the works, Kathleen made it no secret that she was not pleased to not have been asked to be a part of it.

Not sure if things have changed regarding a “Mrs. Parker” feature for the rumored upcoming sequel now though.

Speaking of the “Friday” film…as you all know, comedian A.J. Johnson sadly passed away in early September 2021. Though official details of his passing have yet to be released, many of his cast-mates have expressed their deep sadness over his sudden passing, including Angela Means and Kathleen Bradley. Kathleen shared a photo of A.J. on Instagram and captioned it with:

“Woke up to sad news, today another one of our Friday cast member has taken his flight. AJ Johnson. Rest in heavenly peace my brother.”

Angela shared the following photo of A.J. online and wrote:

“So many memories with A.J. Johnson. At one point in life we were best friends We made one another laugh from the gut.

May God have mercy on his soul.” May A.J. Johnson continue to rest peacefully, after a job well done here on earth.

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