Gas Station Worker Pays for a Woman’s Fuel, Is Rewarded With A Gift 8 Years Salary And…

Gas station worker gets 8 years salary by doing this act.

A woman driving alone on a highway in South Africa got stranded when she ran out of fuel and had no money to buy petrol.

A kind gas station attendant paid for her fuel, only to receive his eight years’ pay as a reward after what she did.

Imagine your car’s fuel gauge glaring red at you in the middle of a notorious road. Think about getting stranded on one of your country’s notoriously dangerous highways early in the morning. Frightening, right? And the thought would send shivers down the spine of any lonely motorist who has been on route N2 before.

In May 2019, 21-year-old Monet van Deventer was driving home from Somerset West to Gardens in Cape Town at around 7 a.m. When she pulled over at a gas station to fuel her car, she realized that she had forgotten her card. STRANDED ON A HIGHWAY

Van Deventer didn’t have any money, and with no fuel, she was likely stranded alone, fighting her fate in the dangerous part of town. She anxiously looked for her card but in vain. The woman was worried when Nkosikho Mbele, a gas station worker, stepped up to help her out of the blue.

But before she could stop him, he started washing her car. The frightened young woman was doubtful and told him she had no money for the petrol, assuming he would stop attending to her car.


Mbele noticed the red indication on Van Deventer’s fuel and was shocked. He was worried and told her that she could not run out of fuel on that route. Mbele grew concerned about whether she would make it. But when Van Deventer said she was not sure, he exclaimed, “let me just do this for you.”

The woman hadn’t expected that something like this would even happen. But before she could think of a solution, the attendant started pouring the fuel into her car. For a moment, she speculated that the petrol station offered such friendly services to customers.

But then, she was shocked when she saw Mbele stick out his card and pay for her fuel. Worried if he would scam her by asking for her banking or contact details, Van Deventer remained skeptical and scared. But what Mbele told her next left her speechless. RETURNING THE FAVOR

The gas attendant didn’t ask her for any such details. Instead, he just paid for the petrol and told her to drive home safely. The truth finally dawned on Van Deventer when Mbele said he worried she would break down on the highway.

Instead of seeing her stranded in the dreaded part of town, he paid R100 from his pocket to fuel her car. This was no easy money because it was a significant share of his daily earnings from the R1,100 he made weekly.


Mbele said it still felt like a dream and claimed he intended to donate some of it to charity. “I want to help young people and make a difference in their lives, and I have R500,000 to look after my own two children,” he said, adding:

“I am going to use the money I have to make the big man up above us all very happy.”

Meanwhile, Mbele’s bosses at Shell were very proud of him. Chairman Hloniphizwe Mtole personally reached out to him and agreed to donate around half a million Rand to a charity he chose to benefit his motives.

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