Halle Berry Outed Ex For Calling Her ‘N-Word’ & Trying To ‘Erase Their Daughter’s [email protected]

Halle berry outed ex the reason is this.

It’s no secret that Halle Berry is a phenomenal actress, but celebs – just like us regular folk – oftentimes also have shortcomings in other areas of their lives.

For Halle, her not-so-great area has been her luck with men.

After a few failed marriages and/or public relationships, Halle had finally seemed to find ‘the one,’ when she dated her then-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, in 2006.

Two years after the birth of their (now-14-year-old) daughter, Nahla, the couple parted like the Red Sea in 2010. By 2014, Halle was deservingly blasting Gabriel in court, for reportedly attempting to alter their then-6-year-old daughter’s looks to make her seem more European and less African American.

In her testimony, Halle- who is White and Black- also revealed that Gabriel called her a “nig*er!” Nope, that is not a typo ILOSM fam’…although we wish it was. Anywho, read on to see what transpired…

Halle: ‘My Ex Called Me A Ni&&er’

According to Mail Online, during the former couple’s custody battle, Halle provided L.A. County Superior Court Judge, Mark Juhas, with a personal note Gabriel had previously written her, in which he called her a “n$$$$$r.”

Halle Testified About Gabriel Changing Their Daughter’s Features

Then came Halle’s testimony, in which Gabriel’s “ni&&er” letter supported her claims – that he changed the texture and color of their daughter’s hair to blonde, because he doesn’t want her to look so African American Wow!

Halle claimed Gabriel dyed Nahla’s hair blonde and straightened her hair texture when she was reportedly a toddler:

According to one source close to Halle, “Halle kept asking and asking Gabriel about Nahla’s hair and he kept denying it. … Halle then filed the court papers and Nahla’s curls came back.”

The judge ultimately ruled that neither Gabriel, nor Halle can alter the natural texture, color of their child’s hair — which is all Halle was asking for from the jump:

Mended Fences?

In recent years, Halle and Gabriel seemingly came to more peaceful terms, after being spotted cordially co-parenting Nahla at her sporting event.


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