A Foster Mom’s Tear Falls When Her Boy Interrupted A Judge To Say Why He Wants To Be Adopted

Heart touching story of adoption.

The poignant statement delivered by Sara Cozad’s 13-year-old, Dayshawn, was something Sara Cozad was not expecting on the day she adopted her two kids.

Why? She told “Good Morning America” that she was more concerned about his 6-year-old brother Michael’s behavior in the courtroom.

When Dayshawn spoke, though, Cozad, her husband Stuart Shank, and the rest of the family were moved to tears. Caleb O’Halloran of NW Creatives captured the great speech.

“They all love us,” Dayshawn said to the judge, referring to himself and his brother, who was adopted on the same day. “They’re fantastic. The best thing we’ve ever had is our entire family. I’m grateful to have these individuals in my life. It’s an honor to be their child.

They’re the most amazing things I’ve ever owned. If I had one wish in the world, it would be to be able to love these individuals for the entire life.”

On Aug. 13, the boys’ adoption became official, and it was marked by a limo ride, donuts, and a party for friends and family.

Krista Welch, a photographer, took the photos. Michael was the one who arrived at their house first, according to Cozad of “GMA.”

Dayshawn was introduced to the couple during a monitored sibling visit. “The second he opened his mouth, we fell in love with Dayshawn,” she said.

Dayshawn, on the other hand, is extroverted and, as his mother put it, a “ham.” She said, “He transcends every cliché of an adolescent boy.”

“No kid should be thankful to have a loving family,” she remarked. “It should be self-evident.” Dayswhawn’s display of love in the courtroom, on the other hand, made an already fantastic day even better, she added.

When Cozad and Shank took the brothers in, they were no strangers to fostering. They’ve had 14 kids stay with them over the span of just a few years. “10 minutes into their first date,” Cozad told Shank about her ambitions to become a foster mom.

She stated, “I was pleased with how he handled it.” “I’ve never been obliged to have genetic offspring, and it just seemed natural that if orphans in our neighborhood needed a place to stay and we had a house, we’d do it.”

According to Cozad, the pair are “strong proponents” of reunification, or reuniting foster children with their relatives.

That’s how things happened for the vast majority of the children they’ve fostered. She stated, “That was not conceivable for Dayshawn and Michael.”

She described the bonds they’ve built with the children’s birth families as “a luxury.” She told “GMA” that “we walk hand-in-hand with them.” “When we go to court, I sit beside their mothers and offer encouragement.

You get to play a small part in raising children and providing support to a parent in need.” Sara, Stuart, Dayshawn, and Micheal have experienced “everything and nothing” since their adoption, according to Cozad. They’d been living together as a family for a while, but now it’s official.

She stated that she is now able to parent her children more freely. “It’s been said that we’re amazing people,” Cozad added. “That is not the case. It’s just a matter of turning up and doing your best. We get to meet amazing kids and families, and it’s an honor to care for children in our society.”

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