Insider Reports These Would Be The Millionaire Consequences If Will Smith and Jada Pinkett’s Divorce

Will smith and jada pinkett divorce consequences.

One of the biggest scandals in entertainment history could end in the divorce of two of its protagonists.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, who apparently after the worldwide commented episode occurred during the Oscars 2022 would be at the lowest point of their relationship.

Recent reports from several entertainment tabloids claim that the relationship between the Smith-Pinkett couple was already fractured for some time, but now with the consequences of Will’s slap to Chris Rock at the Academy Awards everything has worsened.

What events have further separated Will Smith and Jada Pinkett?

According to the UK version of OK! Pinkett’s attitudes days after Smith’s slap and ins’ults against Rock have not gone down well with the Bad Boys star.

First, Pinkett broke her silence after the tense moment at the Oscars and with a message on social media referred to a “season of healing,” although the worst came when the also actress assured that her husband’s reaction to Rock was an outburst and that she did not ask him to defend her.

In short, a relationship that for years has gone through ups and downs (including an extramarital affair of Pinkett with rapper August Alsina) could be reaching its limit before the final point, divorce.

How much money would be involved in a divorce between Will Smith and Jada Pinkett?

Apparently, financially, a divorce would be a huge blow to Will Smith’s net worth, who would lose half of his fortune due to the laws in the state of California.

“Ever since the Oscars scandal, tensions between them have been palpable. There have been problems for years, but they’re barely speaking right now. If they were to split, Will has a fortune of $350 million that Jada would be entitled to half of under Californian law,” a source told Heat Magazine.

“It could be one of the ugliest divorces in showbiz history and drag on longer than Angelina’s and Brad’s did…. Will obviously doesn’t want that, but there is only so much he can take,” the source added.

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