Too Much Work

Per Mirror, Smith’s stunt at the Academy Awards is paying off for his career.

While some questioned if he would ever work again, industry experts believe he’s set to be “flooded with work offers.”

The key to his comeback could be through television or smaller-scaled action movies. Another industry expert expects “there will be offers” in the very near future.

While Smith may have sullied his reputation he’s still a well-known name. Any mid-tier action movie could use his name to generate buzz, especially now.

Since the Academy Awards only center on film, television producers could still see him as a serious candidate. In any case, Smith has powerful allies in show business, so he could get work again very soon.

Strictly Speculation

There’s a lot going on here. First of all, the bit about TV being an option is just silly. The line between television and film has never been blurrier; just ask Smith. He’s both an Academy Award winner and the producer of Bel-Air on Hulu.

It’s not like all television producers are kept in a hyperbaric chamber away from any award shows besides the Emmy Awards. TV executives will judge Smith just like the rest of the world has.

Anyway, this story is total speculation. It states Smith could get offers or will get offers soon. It clearly has no real inside information on Smith, or the story would speak with more authority. This outlet doesn’t know any more about Smith’s future than anyone else, and just interviewed some PR folks to get different takes on what might happen.

What Is Happening?

Considering the fact that Hollywood is filled with folks who’ve done far worse than Smith and still get to keep power, it’s hard to believe Smith is down for the count. Roman Polanski and Woody Allen, both accused of far worse than what Smith’s done, have virtually no problem making films.

For one thing, he’s powerful enough to be his own producer. Smith is still set to star in I Am Legend 2 alongside Michael B. Jordan, and that’s just one project.

He’s producing loads of upcoming projects and is still connected to Bright 2 and Bad Boys 4. Serena Williams recently announced she’d like to see King Richard 2 someday, and it’s hard to do that without Smith as its star.

This isn’t to say Smith is escaping without consequence. He’s still banned from the Academy Awards for a decade, and some major studios are reticent to go near him. Netflix is backing away from Smith’s next film Fast and Loose as a direct result of the Rock incident. It seems the future is murky at best.

Only time will tell what comes of Smith’s career, but one thing is for sure: this speculative article has no real insight worth paying attention to.

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