Jamie Foxx Co-Star John Boyega Claims He Keeping Calling Actor But No Ones Picking Up, Will Not Stop

While some close to Jamie Foxx know what the status is of the a-lister actor, that selected group does not include the cast of They Cloned Tyrone. Jamie’s IG account was used this week to premiere the first preview of the Netflix film, which will debut on the streaming giant next month.

While he and John Boyega’s characters appear to be close in the film, in real life, John is just in the dark as the rest of us on the status of Jamie Foxx. Boyega walked the red carpet recently for They Cloned Tyrone‘s premiere and was hit with questions by the press about his missing co-star.

Jamie Foxx fell off the radar earlier this year, with his daughter reporting that the actor was suffering some health complications. Since then, all types of rumors have come out about his status, including some believing that he had suffered a stroke. Even worst, some fans believe the new film is eerily foreshadowing to what might really be happening with Foxx and believe he’s been abducted like the characters in the film.

John Boyega shares that he has no idea what is wrong with Foxx but admits that he continues to call his phone in hopes the actor will eventually answer and let him know that he is ok.

“I wanted him to show up here, but you know, he’s dealing with what he’s dealing with,” Boyega said to the press, when asked why Foxx was not at the premiere. “I have been calling; I am just going to keep calling.”

Fans in the comments seem pretty fed up with it all. While some are demanding a welfare check and hoping Jamie’s camp provides an update, others feel the actor should just be left alone until he’s ready to talk. “Please stop posting abt Jamie Foxx,” one person commented.