Johnny Depp’s Bodyguard Statement Shocked Everyone – Said ‘I Could Hear Amber Scre…..’

Johnny depp bodygaurd statement.

Johnny Depp’s security guard Malcolm Connolly testified that he could hear many arguments between the 58-year-old actor and his ex-wife Amber Heard during their relationship.

as he answered questions in the defamation trial on Thursday April 28. Malcolm said that he could see the 36-year-old actress’s demeanor change very quickly during their relationship.

“I could see Amber wanted to wear the pants in the relationship,” he said. “If something wasn’t quite right, Amber could get a bit frosty at the drop of a hat.”

Malcolm said that he could see the way that the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s relationship with Amber changed as it progressed. “So as time went on, you know, I could see them change. I could see Amber change. I could see Johnny getting quieter.”

During his testimony, the security guard mentioned that he occasionally heard arguments. “I could hear at times in certain accommodations with this thing out.

I could hear Amber screaming.  I could hear shouting and bawling and I could hear it going on,” he said. “Mostly, I could hear Amber screaming.” Despite having heard the arguments, he said that Amber had been “professional” and “polite” to him.

Johnny’s lawyer later asked if he’d ever seen any physical injuries on Amber, and Malcolm said he hadn’t. On the other hand, he revealed that he did see occasional injuries on Johnny. “It would be scratches on his neck. Maybe a fat lip in the corner.

Maybe a bruising on the eye socket,” he said. “It was getting more regular. Not every week, but it was definitely happening, yeah.” Although he said that he saw injuries on Johnny, he didn’t speculate on how Johnny got them.

There was also a photo shown of Johnny and Amber on their honeymoon, posing with three people, which Malcolm said he took.

He pointed out that there was some sw\ellin\g under Johnny’s eye in the picture. The security guard described it: “Either he’s walked into a door or a door’s walked into him.”

Malcolm also spoke about Johnny’s drug use. He said that he knew Johnny d’ra’nk and used m’arij’uana.

He also said that he suspected that he used coc’a’i’ne, but he’d never seen him use it. He did say that he felt that Johnny  had a “high to’er’ance” for substances, a’lluding to his Pirates of the Caribbean character. “I think Jack Sparrow was more dr’unk than Johnny Depp,” he said.

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