Kim Kardashian Drops This Indirect Statement On Kanye For Consistently Trolling Her New Bf And Her Says…

What Kim kardashian said over using social media.

Kim Kardashian, 41, graced the cover of Vogue Hong Kong‘s April 2022 issue and, in the accompanying interview, was asked how she stays “grounded and positive in the age of social media.

” The billionaire — who has been a v’ict’im of her estranged husband Kanye West‘s br’u’tal at’ta’cks on Instagram — answered by showing some love to her famous family, while also getting in a very subtle dig at Ye, 44.

“I’m so blessed to have such an incredible family, having their support means everything,” Kim said in the interview. “The advent of social media really changed the game and we really focus on engaging with social media in a meaningful way,” the mother of four added.

Kim’s comment about using social media “in a meaningful way” felt like a crafty dig at Kanye, who has been consistently online tro’ll’ing Kim and her new beau, Pete Davidson, 28.

The SKIMS founder, who has chosen to take the high road during this wild drama, also told Vogue Hong Kong that her new decade of her life, her 40s, are “about being Team Me.”

“For a long time, I did so many things just to make others happy,” Kim explained. “Now, I’m realizing it’s ok to choose to do what makes you happy, like eating well, working out, and having more fun with family.”

Kanye’s social media a’tt’ac’ks haven’t stopped at just Kim and Pete. The “G’old D’igger” h’itm’aker has also targeted other celebrities like Trevor Noah, who was called a ra’c’ial sl’ur by Ye.

Kanye’s facing consequences for his actions by being barred from the Grammys. However, according to a source close to Kim, the reality star “has mixed feelings” about the Grammys’ decision.

“She doesn’t want to see Kanye’s career being altered negatively because she wants him to make a living as she knows that he is one of the best when he is on stage and behind the microphone,” the source EXCLUSIVELY told HL.“But she also believes that everyone including Kanye deserves consequences over their behavior.”

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