Mary J. Blige Believes It’s Wack That Men Are Allowed Alimony, Tells Women To Always Get A Prenup

Mary J. Blige is opening up more about her struggle paying alimony following her divorce from Kendu Issacs. The Grammy-winning vocalist went through a pretty tough separation that left her heartbroken and in debt.

In the years since she has pushed her career to new heights while sharing the things she’s been through. For Blige, she believes that men should not be awarded alimony in divorces.

Mary J. Blige was a global superstar when she began dating music industry executive Kendu Issacs. The pair fell madly in love, and he became a big part of her business, handling her finances.

Kendu enjoyed a whole new life under Blige, and when they eventually split, the courts issued a harsh alimony payment to Mary to ensure that Kendu could keep up with his lifestyle. In addition to that, it was stated that cheating on Blige put a target on Kendu’s back and make him “unhireable” in the music industry.

During a discussion with Earn Your Leisure, the men ask Mary about her experience paying alimony and how she would do things differently. Blige called the payments “wack” and said that wealthy women need to make sure they get a prenup.

“I didn’t have one, and that’s why I ended up having to just give everything away because it’s so wack right now. Men can come at you and get alimony. So when I was getting a divorce, you mean to tell me I gotta pay him? And he cheated, and he lied?”

Mary was paying $30k a month to Kendu Issacs in addition to the millions of dollars of debt he left her with. Luckily for her, she is one of the most sought-after entertainers in the game and has scored some major milestones and paydays since. Mary had a super successful tour run last year, promoted by a slot in the Super Bowl Halftime show and a Grammy-nominated album.

It’s also been rumored that 50 Cent helped Mary clear up her debt, bringing her onboard to star in Power and paying out a good chunk of the season up front so she could get back on her feet.