Mother Hears Her Son’s Heart Inside Of A 4-Year-Old Transplant Recipient

Son’s Heart Inside Of A 4-Year-Old Transplant Recipient.

In June 2013, Heather Clark’s 7-month-old son, Lukas died as a result of physical ab’us’e.

Her former boyfriend, Ryan Anthony Garcia pled gui’lty to m’ur’der after admitting he fa’t’ally ha’r’med the baby when he wouldn’t stop crying.

Even in the midst of turmoil, Heather made the selfless decision to donate her son’s organs which were able to help three children. Heather recently met Jordan Drake, the now 4-year-old girl who received Lukas’ heart when she was just 18-months-old.

Jordan was placed on the transplant list after being born with a congenital heart de’fect that caused seizures, str’okes and brain hem’orrh’aging.

In the three years since the operation took place, Heather, who lives outside of Los Angeles and Jordan’s mother, Esther Gonzales, who resides in Phoenix, corresponded through written letters and social media but have never met.

“It’s a miracle that we connected and that Jordan is living happy and healthy with Lukas’ heart beating inside her,” said Heather prior to her meeting with Jordan. “I’m so in love with this little girl that I’ve never met. I can’t wait to wrap my arms around her.”

The Donor Network of Arizona helped to coordinate an emotional meeting between Heather, Esther and Jordan where using a stethoscope, Heather was able to hear her son’s heart beat for the firs time since 2013.

It’s so strong” said Heather as she listened to the little girls chest.

She also added, “I knew if Lukas could prevent another family from experiencing the loss that I felt, that’s what I needed to do.”

During their meeting, there were lots of hugs and tears, especially after the vibrant and energetic 4-year-old presented Heather with a heart-adorned Build-A-Bear teddy bear which included button that plays the sound of a heartb’eat.

“We owe Jordan’s life and all of the memories we’ve made with her to Heather and Lukas,” said Esther. “‘Thank you’ will never be enough.”

You definitely need a box of tissues to watch the literally hea’rtwar’ming experience. It’s such a selfless act of kin’dness that transcends race, religion and creed. Beauties, are you an organ donor?

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