Odell Beckham Jr. Goes Viral For Bringing His Girlfriend Lolo Wood To Suns Game Ex Started To…

Odell beckham jr gf went viral.

Social media didn’t take long to see who Odell Beckham Jr. was sitting with him courtside at the Suns game.

People had harder trouble identifying the other woman with them. Taylor Vecchia is an Instagram model whose look is noteworthy since she has previously been linked to Devin Booker.

The first woman was easy to ID because she is OBJ’s longtime girlfriend and the mother of his child Lolo Wood (congrats to them, by the way).

The greatest blessing I’ve ever received has come on this planet! I don’t know how to express the overpowering feelings that surged through me.

I will never forget and appreciate this occasion. “When Zydn was born, I felt my life had changed for the better. Lauren Wood, you permanently transformed my life and gave me the most precious gift of all…

EFFORTLESSLY! Your fortitude throughout everything has given me the courage to keep going because I know I can go through anything with you by my side and holding it down for me.”

I really like you. And so it goes; 2-22-22; the stars are aligned; surgery was a success. “IT WAS WRITTEN,” I’ve been saying all along. I’m simply going to follow the script and see where God leads me. To be honest, I’ve been through a lot to get to where I am now.

I went deep and learned a lot about myself in the process. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all of this work and development, it’s that I’m as tough as they come. There’s too much heart to stop walking in faith!

Here is what OBJ had to say about the birth of his son. The other woman with them people were having a more challenging time identifying, but she is well known to readers of BSO. It is IG model Taylor Vecchia and why her appearance is interesting is because she was linked to Devin Booker in the past.

Everything is six degrees of separation in the NBA and IG models world. Vecchia was also linked to Denzel Valentine for a while as well. Don’t show Kendall Jenner this post.  Vecchia is also a bottle girl at Pretty Please and Bliss nightclubs.

Source- thesportsgrail.com

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