Orlando Brown Claims He Only Says Crazy Stuff To Go Viral: ‘If I Don’t Say Crazy Stuff, They Don’t Go Viral’

Orlando Brown Claims He Only Says Crazy Stuff To Go Viral: ‘If I Don’t Say Crazy Stuff, They Don’t Go Viral’

Could Orlando Brown be walking back his many previous outlandish statements about various celebrities?

Unfortunately, many have become witnesses to some of the actor’s wildest, most erroneous, and seemingly erratic behavior over the years. But during a recent interview, he appeared to explain his reasons for the concerning conduct.

News about Orlando Brown seemingly giving up his old ways and turning his life around came about in 2021. The That’s So Raven star announced that he’d turned his life around and given his life to the Lord. That same year, he also released a Gospel rap single, “Smiled on Me,” which sampled the legendary Gospel singer James Cleveland’s song “God Has Smiled On Me.” The song celebrated his overcoming years of addiction and turning over a leaf. However, Orlando Brown’s victory appears to have been short-lived. In 2022, the former child star resurfaced with even more defamatory claims over celebrities, including Bow Wow, Jay-Z, Kevin Samuels, and more.

Orlando Brown held a conversation with Funny Marco where he alleged that he had intimate knowledge of Bow Wow’s body parts. Specifically, the actor claimed to know that the rapper had some good stuff However, Brown continued to double down in a separate video where he insisted that the “Bounce With Me” rapper should “embrace” what he’s got. But instead of igniting a beef with Orlando Brown and stooping to his level, Bow Wow addressed his comments on social media by saying the actor really “needs help.” In addition, he shared he’s “sad” about Brown’s state as his “potential” has been ruined. “Nobody taking him serious,” tweeted Bow Wow.

During another disturbing rant that occurred earlier this year, Orlando Brown insinuated that Jay-Z and P. Diddy were not who they claimed to be. In fact, Brown expressed that they were really his aunts named “Yolanda” and “Sean.” Additionally, he stated that they were on a mission to eradicate his presence from the earth due to his alleged exposing of the truth. There have also been many things that Orlando Brown has claimed against comedian and actor Nick Cannon. The actor has alleged that the two have also engaged in intimate activity, claiming that the Wild’ N Out star performed oral on him.


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However, Nick Cannon debunked Orlando Brown’s claims and determined it was a “cry for help.” In a since-deleted post to his Instagram, captured by The Jasmine Brand, Nick Cannon admitted that he was initially humored by Brown’s antics. But, eventually, he began to view it as a “teachable moment,” praising the actor’s previous works but noting the unfortunate end result of his drug addiction.

But it appears that Orlando Brown is switching his tone. During a recent Cam Capone News show appearance, Brown insists that he means “no disrespect” with his scandalous comments. “You’ve gotta understand, y’all. They like me to say crazy s**t,” said Orlando Brown. He claimed that if he doesn’t continue to act the way he does, he has no chance of going “viral.” “I say what I want to say. But at the same time, I say what I’m not supposed to say just to give it some spices,” said Orlando Brown. In addition, he revealed that he told those previous statements about Nick Cannon in an attempt to get a feature out of him.