Rumors of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett’s Divorce Intensify: Smith’s 350Million Will Be Now…

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett’s divorce intensify.

In a single instant Will Smith became one of the most attacked characters in Hollywood.

all as a result of the slap the actor gave Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars 2022 to defend his wife, Jada Pinkett, after the comedian made a joke about her alopecia.

A little more than a month after that world-renowned episode, too much has happened in the life of the Best Actor Oscar winner for his role in King Richard, from being the vctm of countless criticisms to different rumors surfacing about the true face of Smith and Pinkett’s [email protected] life.

Smith and Pinkett reportedly starring in millionaire’s divorce

Whether because the media pressure has been excessive or because this moment has been the tip of the iceberg in the couple’s relationship, versions are gaining strength that the married couple is about to divorce, which will represent a huge [email protected] [email protected] that will divide Smith’s fortune.

Heat Magazine cites Pinkett’s cold reaction and lack of support for her partner after the media turned on Smith, no separation has been confirmed frmo either party. All of this are only rumors but they keep growing as the days go by.

“There were problems between them for years, but now they barely speak to each other. The tensions between them have been palpable,” sources told Heat Magazine.

How much is the fortune Smith and Pinkett would split?

After 25 years together, including periods where the couple took time off amid rumors of cheating and open relationships, Jada Pinkett would be entitled to half of Will Smith’s fortune.

no less than $350 million This potential division of assets would happen in this way due to the laws of the state of California that so indicate, so Pinkett would add to her net worth, which is currently $50 million, the amount of $175 million.

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