Rapper Future Can’t Seem To Keep Ciara’s Name Out Of His Mouth, Fans React To Rapper’s Latest Claim

Rapper Future Can’t Seem To Keep Ciara’s Name Out Of His Mouth, Fans React To Rapper’s Latest Claim

Ciara is one of the music industry’s most beloved relationship come-ups. The “1,2 Step” hitmaker spent a long time in mismatched relationships with rappers from Lil Bow Wow to 50 Cent and eventually Future.

After dating “the most toxic man” in music, Cici decided to take a new approach to love and has been happily married and growing her family with Russell Wilson ever since. The duo is a powerful couple, and many applaud them for their incredible support of one another, blended family, and healthy relationship dynamic. Future does not like this, however, and still manages to bring up Ciara’s name whenever possible to drum up some buzz or start some drama.

Ciara and Future began dating in 2013. They were a match made in music heaven. He was a young budding rapper from Atlanta, and she was one of the city’s premiere entertainers. They elevated each other’s careers in unique ways. While Ciara helped bring Future closer to the mainstream and introduce him to the world of fashion, Future gave Ciara a much-needed edge and fresh energy that her music desperately needed. Together the duo collaborated on music and scored a big hit with the single “Body Party,” which he co-wrote for her. Things moved quickly for the pair, and before the year was out, they had announced their engagement with a $500,000 ring. By January 2014, they were announcing Ciara’s pregnancy as well. Unfortunately, by that August, they had split after she found out he was cheating on her.

While many were not surprised by Future cheating, they were surprised to see how quickly Ciara found new love and genuine happiness. When she and Russell Wilson first stepped out, many thought it was a rebound relationship, but the couple has proven to be a truly strong union. Ciara and Russell would marry in July of 2016. Russell fully stepped into his role as a stepfather for Ciara and Future’s son Future Jr. and was quickly adding siblings into the mix with the births of Sienna Princess Wilson in 2017 and Win Harrison Wilson in 2020. The happy family keeps fans entertained via social media with various videos of them dancing, doing popular internet challenges, and enjoying each other’s company.

Future has never approved of Ciara and Russell and has thrown a lot of dirt on their names in the media. He’s accused Ciara of being a bad mother and a “flop” and has even made threats against her husband on record. Future has also referred to Wilson as whipped and claims that Ciara is a controlling woman who has her husband wrapped around her finger. “He do exactly what she tell him to do,” Future said during an interview in 2019.

Future went on to say that if he were with Ciara, she would not be allowed to mention an ex to the media. “He not being a man in that position, he not tellin’ her, ‘Chill out with that on the Internet. Don’t even talk to him. I’m your husband! You better not even bring Future’s name up.’” Russell seemingly responded with an image of Future Jr. and sister Sienna giving each other a kiss with the caption “all that matters, #love.” Future seemed to eventually bury the hatchet with Ciara and wished her a happy mother’s day this year publicly while shouting out all his kids mother’s on social media.

Future is not one to throw in the towel that easily, and he recently came at the Wilson family yet again in a record where he also spoke on Jay-Z and Beyonce too. He recently joined Real Boston Richey on a record titled “Bullseye 2.” In the song, he talks about how if Beyonce was not with Jay, he would shoot his shot. He also alleges that he is still intimate with Ciara. “If my n**** wasn’t Jigga, I’m the type to go after B,” he said in his verse. “And I still smash on C, I got two-fifth on me, like the quarterback of the Chiefs, I’m in the field wit’ no cleats.”

On Twitter, one person responded to the record saying, “He saying anything to ruin a happy relationship protected and anointed by God.” One person pointed out, “Sucks for Russ. To be married to someone’s who ex won’t leave them alone since day one? Hard pass..” while another responded, “Why would that suck for him? He’s miserable while Russ got a wife and kids making 30 mill a trip.” Do you think the Wilsons are even phased at this point?