Rapper T.I. Has Made Peace With Son, King Harris’ Decisions: ‘There’s Nothing Me Or His Mom Can Do’

Rapper T.I. Has Made Peace With Son, King Harris’ Decisions: ‘There’s Nothing Me Or His Mom Can Do’

T.I. and Tiny Harris, celebrated musicians and reality stars renowned for their expansive family, including three biological children together and four from previous relationships, have recently faced public attention due to their eldest biological son, Clifford “King” Joseph Harris III.

Born on August 25th, 2004, King is not only recognized for his distinctive appearance and big personality but also for his pursuits as a singer, rapper, and social media influencer. Embracing the rock star lifestyle and displaying a keen interest in anime and music, King raps under the name Kid Saiyan, a nod to Dragon Ball Z.

Recently, the 18-year-old found himself in the spotlight following an arrest while en route to a vacation. A mug shot circulated on social media, prompting some fans to mock his appearance, likening him to a muppet or cartoon character. In response, King addressed the criticism on his Instagram, asserting that he was not seeking trouble and had not intended to portray a gangster image.

Social media users speculated about King’s trajectory, with some referencing predictions from 2012 that foresaw potential legal issues. Concerns escalated when T.I., King’s father, acknowledged his son’s behavior in an Instagram message, expressing his awareness of the situation. T.I. admitted that he had attempted to guide King over the years but seemed resigned to the possibility that his son’s actions might lead him to prison.

While T.I. believes King is fundamentally a good kid, he emphasizes the need for more focus. The rapper defended his parenting approach, asserting that fans should refrain from offering unsolicited advice, as he has been actively engaged in conversations with his son for months. Fans sided with T.I., acknowledging that life itself often serves as a profound teacher.