RHOA’s Drew Sidora Reveals She Considered Divorce After Husband Ralph’s Texting Sc’andal

Working through it.

When it comes to her marriage with Ralph Pittman, Drew Sidora admitted that one of the hardest parts is having to watch their obstacles unfold on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“We’ve gone through counseling and we’re still in counseling so that’s nothing new, but as we grow each year, we learn things about each other.

And what you guys are seeing is really just our marriage,” Drew, 36, exclusively told Us Weekly while promoting season 14 of RHOA. “People that know us know that one day you’re good and one day you are not. Marriage is not easy.”

The reality star noted that having her ups and downs aired on screen allows outsiders to weigh in on her relationship. “We’ve made a decision to stay committed.

We’re not willing to give up that easy and we’re pushing through and it’s not always nice. It’s not always easy and you guys just kind of have a front row to that,” she added.

“I sometimes hate that it’s all out there, but anybody that knows my husband, like, he does not put on for the camera.”

During the season 14 trailer, viewers got a glimpse at Drew calling Ralph out for the texts he was sending to an assistant. For the Illinois native, it was beneficial having her cast members there to support her and validate her feelings.

“We were going through a situation with an assistant, and it was good for me to be able to share with my cast. I feel like when you’re going through it by yourself, you’re like, ‘OK, is it just me?

Am I crazy? Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m tripping,’” the singer, who got married to Ralph in 2014, added. “It was an opportunity for Ralph to hear not just my voice, but to know that, maybe, this is something we need to dig into and figure out why this is happening.”

The Bravo personality, who joined the show during season 13, also opened up about her feelings on divorce. “It always feels like we’re almost about to get divorced,” she revealed to Us.

“[But] we’re not gonna give up. We need to come back home, regroup and figure out what we’re gonna do moving forward. That’s the journey we’re on every day honestly.”

“I trust my husband because I also know the other side of him growing up in a single-family household and him also losing his father.

I grew up in a two-family household and the love I received was different. The environment I grew up in was different,” the singer, who shares son Michael, 6 and daughter Aniya, 4, with her husband told Us. “When we go to a deeper level to understand certain things, we just try to work through it.

We’re not willing just to throw in our marriage when we’ve got three beautiful children, but every day is not perfect. Marriage is a roller coaster and I think I’m just willing to show that.”


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