Shanquella Robinson’s Family Claims Tubi Series Exploited Her Death, Hits Creator With Cease & Desist

In October of the previous year, the family of Shanquella Robinson experienced profound devastation when their 25-year-old relative was discovered lifeless in a rented accommodation in Mexico.

Robinson had embarked on a trip to San José del Cabo in the company of individuals she considered friends. Tragically, just one day into the excursion, events took a harrowing turn. While initial reports attributed her demise to alcohol poisoning, a subsequent autopsy hinted at a more complex and troubling narrative.

The autopsy findings revealed that Robinson had sustained severe injuries to both her neck and spine prior to her untimely passing.

This revelation was accompanied by the emergence of a distressing video on the internet, portraying a vicious assault on Robinson by one of the women she had traveled with. The dissemination of this footage added fuel to the already simmering suspicions surrounding the group’s involvement in Robinson’s tragic fate.

Compounding the family’s anguish, a recent installment of a Tubi series incorporates elements of Robinson’s distressing story into its plotline. As they grapple with the overwhelming grief of losing their beloved family member, Robinson’s family has chosen to take a stand and respond to this exploitation of their tragedy.