Sheryl Lee Ralph Reveals Her Son Was Shot Three Times: “I Collapsed and Dropped The Phone”

Sheryl Lee Ralph’s career has seen a resurgence after joining Abbott Elementary.

In the last year, the actress has won her very first Emmy Award and performed at the Superbowl. While things are amazing for the actress and her family now, Sheryl Lee Ralph did experience a very dark time when her son was involved in two life-changing incidents.

During a recent interview with AARP Magazine, the actress revealed her son, Etienne had been in a car accident years ago that left him with a concussion and altered his entire brain. And as if that wasn’t scary enough for the actress – not longer after Etienne was mugged and shot three times.


After learning her son had been shot three times, Sheryl Lee Ralph collapsed before hearing the rest.

Thankfully, Sheryl’s son survived both incidents and now runs his own production company and nonprofit, WalkGoodLA, which is centered around healing, mental health, and overall well-being.”