Stevie J Reportedly Had A Fling With Mariah Carey, And He Revealed Very Intimate Details

Stevie J. and mariah carey details.

Stevie J. never ceases to turn heads, just like he did when he dropped a dating-bom’bshe’ll that had fans wondering if there’s any woman in the entertainment industry who won’t fall for him.

So, who’s that lady this go ’round, you ask? Apparently, it’s Mariah Carey….that’s right, Nick Cannon’s “I Had A Vision of Love”-sangin’-ex-wife, Mariah! But of course Stevie J didn’t stop simply by saying he hooked up with her, he just had to disclose a few intimate details that he says he and Mariah once shared.

On his prior reality show, Leave It To Stevie, Stevie had fans scratching their heads because of his jaw-dropping cla’ims. According to Stevie, he and Mariah have done much more than make beautiful music…

On an interview clip from Leave It To Stevie, Stevie J. (shown above hugged up with Mariah in her “Honey” video, a song he co-produced) recalled working with Mariah on her Butterfly album.

The highly successful album went five-times platinum, but Stevie claims the album wasn’t his only accomplishment. He actually said he had a past fling with Mariah, and that she did something for him after they’d reportedly hooked up.

According to Stevie, Mariah paid homage to his penis on her album credits! Stevie said when Mariah referred to him as the “fat muffin man” in her “Butterfly” album credits, she was actually showing love to his “beefcake,” because that was apparently their private inside joke, reports VH1 Stevie J: “If you look at her credits on the Butterfly album she’s like, ’Yo, shout out to Stevie J the fat muffin man,’ cause the boy beefcake game is crazy, you feel me?”


Although Stevie had fans wondering about him and Ms. Carey after his reveal, that wasn’t the first time there’s been talk about his involvement with Mariah.

A prior episode of Wild N Out went awry when the games took a serious turn, reports Daily Mail. While Stevie and Nick were roasting each other on the show, Stevie claimed he’d slept with Mariah. Almost immediately, the fun and games went completely out the window, says the witness.

Stevie’s statements have never been confirmed, since Mariah hasn’t publicly addressed the situation. Nevertheless, even if he is being truthful, the moral of the story is: as long as they didn’t hurt anyone, they had every right to get their freak on back then…they’re grown and it’s a free country, just sayin.’

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