Tiny Harris Responds To Bombshell Claims T.I. Not King’s Biological Father

Tiny Harris Responds To Bombshell Claims T.I. Not King’s Biological Father

Tiny Harris vehemently dismisses an outrageous claim suggesting that T.I. is not the biological father of their son, King Harris. The assertion surfaced when an online user made this wild statement on Thursday, insinuating that King might have a different biological father and implying potential infidelity on Tiny’s part.

King has recently gained attention for his public struggles and the challenges of growing up in the limelight, with his parents firmly supporting him through these phases. Despite the family’s past reality show depicting their affluent lifestyle, King has emphasized that he did not grow up with a silver spoon in his mouth.


The ongoing discussions about King’s upbringing have involved exchanges between him and T.I., with playful teasing from his father about King choosing to spend time with his grandma. Amidst these debates, a social media user started a baseless rumor suggesting that King’s appearance does not match T.I.’s, hinting at a potential affair on Tiny’s part.

A post on Instagram claimed, “I just got word from a reputable source, #King was said his biological dad is #Bimmy and that’s why he said #TIPS history is a mystery…and that it’s all cap.” Another individual alleged that King’s current drama with T.I. is a result of him discovering his real biological father, reportedly someone related to Waka Flocka Flame’s dad.

In response to these unfounded rumors, Tiny expressed her frustration and disgust at the fabrication of lies about her son’s paternity. The claims were characterized as baseless and harmful to the family’s reputation.