VIRAL: Chris Evans Finally Clears Up Rumours About Shakira And His Relationship

Chris evans statement on affair with shakira.

Several rumours have circulated since Shakira and Gerard Pique decided to split up after 12 years together.

From the moment that the news br0ke, their break-up is one of the most discussed topics on social media.

In fact, one of the most recentstories to emerge is that the famous singer and actor Chris Evans have followed each other on Instagram.

From that point on, there are social media users who speculate on a potential affair between the two celebrities.

In has to be noted that Evans follows just 211 people on Instagram, most of whom are actors and Marvel castmates.

Evans comments on Shakira rumours

A Univision journalist asked Evans about his decision to follow Shakira on social media at an event that was held at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California.

“I’ve never met her, but I am a big fan,” said Evans, who was then asked if he would participate in one of her video clips.

“Oh god, I would be very embarrassed standing next to her. She is too good at it.”

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