White TikTok Influencer Axed from Job … After Dropping N-Word in ….

White TikTok Influencer Axed from Job … After Dropping N-Word in ….

A white woman on TikTok who dropped the n-word just lost her day job — and a lot of people are saying she deserves it after refusing to apologize.

Lilly Gaddis recently shared a video of herself cooking, in which she said, “Everyone I know that is married right now is married to broke-ass n*****.” She also made derogatory remarks about “dumb whores” and “immigrants fresh off the boat looking for a green card.”

The context is that she was pushing back on the notion that women are gold diggers — and she was offering examples of why that isn’t the case … which included the racial slur. No surprise … the clip drew intense backlash, prompting Lilly to post a follow-up clip.

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LG said she realized her video upset members of a certain community, adding, “The backlash made me do a deep dive and soul search, and after all that, I still couldn’t find a care.”

Her remarks caught the attention of her employer — Rophe of the Carolinas, a home healthcare company in Wilmington, North Carolina — and they let her go from her marketing and sales manager position.

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The company released a lengthy statement Tuesday … pointing out they were owned and operated by a Black female and an immigrant-owned business, so they categorically didn’t support or condone her behavior.

Her firing seems to be NBD to Gaddis — ’cause she broke the news herself last Friday, posting, “Oh no, I just got fired! #mob.”

She also bemoaned folks being offended by her language — and went on to decry what she seems to view as an infringement on her First Amendment right. So, sticking to her guns.