Will Smith’s Siblings: Who Are They And What Do They Do?

Will smith family information.

Thanks to the award-winning series ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’, we all know that Will Smith was born and raised in Philadelphia

It’s here where we meet his Uncle Philip and Aunt Vivian, his cousins Hilary, Ashley and the animated Ed Carlton.

On the show, Will is sent to move in with his wealthy uncle and aunt in their Bel-Air mansion after getting bullied at the local playground in his neighbourhood.

That’s the Will Smith that we all got to love when he was 21 years old, but who is his real family and what do they do.

Will Smith’s family

Smith has two sisters, a brother and a half-sister. His oldest sibling, Pam, sells and designs T-shirts, most of which have shown the support for the Blck Lives Matter movement.

The COVID-19 pandemic led Pam to create masks which also promote the Blck Lives Matter movement.

Will Smith has two younger twins, Harry and Ellen, who are 51 years old.

Ellen is the CEO of Dining with Divas, a charity that cater to the betterment and success women and their families in crisis or distress.

Ellen’s husband was arrested on federal drugs charges in 2013, having intended to distribute five kilograms or more of cocaine.

The other twin, Harry, married former model and TV presenter Amanda Lewis, who announced in 2020 that she has been battling stage three breast cancer for two years.

Will Smith’s parents, Willard Carroll Smith and Caroline Bright, divorced when the Oscar-winning actor was 13. Will’s father was diagnosed with cancer, from which he died in 2016.

Mother Caroline is 85 years old and maintains a strong relationship with her children. Will has a half-sister, Ashley Marie Pettway Smith, who is an aspiring actress and singer.


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