Young Black Woman Pens A Heartwarming Letter To Adoptive Parents Who Showed Her Unconditional Love

A 21-year-old young black woman created a touching tribute to her adoptive parents.

Mandisa Zenaya Mlitwa is a 21-year-old South African woman who has many things to be grateful for in her life. But of all the things she’s blessed with, it’s her set of adoptive parents .

In March, Mandisa posted a heartwarming tribute to her parents on Facebook.

Mandisa Zenaya Mlitwa is a 21-year-old South African woman who was adopted by loving white parents.

She is extremely grateful for them because she always felt loved every single day. Whenever she wakes up in the morning, she is greeted by sweet hugs.


Whenever she’s in trouble, her dad is always one call away. She was blessed to have the best adoptive parents. However, tragedy came into their lives when her mom passed away from c*ncer in March 2020. So now, it’s just her and her father, whom she likes to call “pops. Mandisa’s father treated her like a princess.

He would always open doors for her, give her warm hugs each day, makes her breakfast, take her out on lunches, and washes her hair! She can even talk to her dad about dating because he wasn’t against it. He knows what was best for her, so he supports her.

They are extremely close that people think he is her sugar daddy. Mandisa and her dad just laugh it off. They just have a hard time believing they are a father-and-daughter, probably because of the different color of their skin.

Other people’s opinions didn’t matter because she was loved by her parents and that was everything she needs. To show her, love, she posted a heartwarming tribute to her parents on Facebook.

“I wanna take this opportunity and thank God for putting these wonderful people in my path. I am an adopted child. I feel loved every single day, I wake up in the morning, and I am hugged. I call when I am in trouble, and my dad is right there within a short space of time.

This month last year, we lost my mom to c’an’cer, so now it is just my pops and I. I always laugh when we are out and people think he is my sugar daddy. Angilazi uthando olungaka!!! They clothed me and took me to school and didn’t expect anything in return!!

I feel loved every single day. My dad, he takes me out on lunches, he opens doors for me, he hugs me every day, tells me he loves me, helps me wash my hair njalo mangikade ngilukile, he makes me breakfast and I’m 21!!

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